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I guide clients to gain control over their life and money to leave a legacy for generations and create sustainable impact.
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Jen Jonassaint
United States

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I'm Jen, a Certified Financial & Life and Transformational Coach who has helped hundred of clients go from financially frazzled to Financially Free and continue to transform lives. On this exciting journey clients grow, learn, have fun and win in their life and money. I know how difficult and scary it is to delve into your money story. Trust me, I've walked that road and I am now on the other side. At the same time, I know how exhilarating it can be to finally celebrate victory and enjoy freedom with your life and money. Here’s my invitation for you to create a new money story and change the path of your journey forever. I will walk with you on this journey and help you design your dream and live it out.

*Financial Coaching/Healing Your Money Story/Money Mechanics/Creating & Sustaining A Money Legacy
*Life Coaching/Setting Dreams/Goals/Family/Career/Decision Making/Problem Solving/Confidence/Relationships
*Home Buying and Keeping/Homeownership/Home Post Purchase
*Financial Literacy
*Debt Free Planning and Living
*Credit Building
*Creating/Managing Spending Plan
*Consumer Education/Advocacy/Awareness/Empowerment
*Resource Education/Skill-building
*Mortgage Decision/Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention & Intervention
*Setting S.M.A.R.T.E.R Goals
*Program and Project Management Coaching/Consulting

I offer package pricing tailored to each client within a range of prices that anyone can afford to invest in themselves.
Life Coaching Training Institute, (IACC), Financial Capability (NCHEC) Master Financial Coach (FCMT) Ramsey Solutions

Before coaching I felt lost, scared, and in financial despair. Jen coaching gave me hope, which led me to achieve my goals. In 3 months, I created a balanced monthly spending plan, saved money to buy a car, and paid off my credit card debt. As a result of Jen's coaching I feel better prepared for financial unexpected expenses, more relaxed and so proud of my well laid out plan. Now that i have a debt free plan, I can finally take a vacation without going into debtl! Jen's sessions helped me become more self-aware of my impulse spending and enabled me to become so conscientious in many areas of my life. I highly recommend Jen 10/10!!

Laura Zocchi

Here's what clients are saying...
“Before going through financial coaching, I felt a deep sense of failure. Since I was young I feared math and was horrible at it so avoided numbers at all cost. In the first coaching session, I discovered my money style and learned an important truth that my early belief about money bled into my current money habits. Once I started coaching, from that moment my mentality towards managing my money shifted. Jen calming and encouraging personality made me deeply think about how I saw and experienced money. I learned I can take charge and how to become more self-aware of my early money experience. As a result, the sessions led me to new behavior shifts, helped my money wounds, and created lasting change. Jen gave me useful tools and systems which synced my financial journey and all made it seemed effortless. The coaching session was based on positive energy and encouraged me to create and keep the “I can do this!” mentality. I'm more in control of my situation, changed my money story and can finally enjoy my money freedom.


It was a wonderful experience. I was so stressed before I came into this coaching program. I was stressed over money, but now I feel relived.

She helped me create a budget, know my score so I an fix it......and helped me worked on goals I thought was hard....amazing...makes you feel like everything you want to accomplish is reachable with hard work and patience ..I would recommend.


I did not feel like i had control over my money and she helped me create goals to balance out my finances. i actually see where my money is going and know where to save more money. I helped me get a grip on my finances


We created a budget....I didn't know I shouldn't max out my credit cards now I know.....Great guide to self awareness on financial responsibility


We set out to take on one goal at a time and complete it by a deadline and I accomplished it all! I can set goals for myself and actually complete it on time


Jennifer positively changed my mindset to take a bold step toward my dream through life coaching. I hesitated, to follow my dream for decades years due to fear and a lack of money. During my first session Jen zeroed in and calmly coached me in a positive way, she listened was patient and gently led with awareness. Her questions exposed my core fear and gently pushed my excuses aside and got to my heart. At the end of my session, I made a decision to release fear and simply follow my dream. With Jen's powerful coaching, my limits that existed in my mind, had no more excuses. Thanks to Jen I am now free to follow my heart and most importantly my life long dream.

Mechelle F. Maxwell