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Through her formal education, travels, and journey through spiritual enlightenment, Sonya's aim is to help her clients live a life that aligns with their soul’s purpose.
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Sonya Gomez
San Diego
United States

Sonya Gomez is an internationally recognized Change Agent, has a Master’s degree in counseling and is a Certified Life Coach through the Life Coaching Training Institute. During the past 10 years she has helped literally thousands of individuals take practical steps towards reaching their goals and recognizing their full potential.

Sonya strongly believes that in order to change the world for the better, we need to start at an individual level. “The best gift you can provide the world is a better you. By simply knowing yourself and loving yourself, others will automatically be inspired and your positive energy will begin to spread.”

Sonya has a passion for traveling. While backpacking throughout Europe and South America, Sonya came to the realization that although humans may be separated by distance, we are all connected. Sonya’s favorite question to ask others she meets while traveling is, “What do you want out of life?” She found that there was a common theme of answers: love and connection.

Since 2015 Sonya has been on an adventurous journey through spiritual enlightenment. It is through this enlightenment she has come to realize that the love and connection we all crave and search for is within ourselves. Since her journey, Sonya has been able to heal herself from emotional pains which thus manifested into healing her physical body. It is through self-healing Sonya has become aware of how past traumas will remain in our subconscious attracting unhealthy life cycles until the pain is healed. Through unconditional compassion, Sonya is able to help her clients become self-aware so they can learn how to heal their aches – emotional and physical. Her desire for positive global change and passion for lifting others to their highest potential is obvious to all who interact with Sonya.

Recognizing and understanding emotions
Pinpointing and changing self-destructive patterns
Identifying goals and mapping out a plan to achieve them
Learning to love and accept yourself
Building confidence and self-efficacy
Strengthening interpersonal relationships
Dis-identifying with labels
Working through and overcoming life transitions

Master's Degree, Certified Life Coach, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

"I recently did one of Sonya's consultation sessions and was completely blown away with how it went. I generally can't stand self improvement things or talking about myself but she made the entire thing feel natural and easy to follow. She helped me identify some underlying obstacles and set a big picture game plan for how to overcome those obstacles. I left feeling like a giant weight was lifted off of my shoulders (which I had no idea I was carrying) and really am motivated to start making some changes. I am gonna recommend her to all of my friends who are looking to create a better life!!"
Jared Cunnington

"She helped me in helping myself in seeing that I am not only the source of love yet also that I am in the Driver's Seat. A true visionary with true empathy and positive authentic insight. She is evidence of our ability to evolve and change how we want our story to end. Way ahead of her time. I am truly grateful she coached me."
Heidi Johnson

"Sonya and her coaching is the light at the end of every dark tunnel. She has the ability to uncover the treasures that lie deep into your soul that are not visible in the densest of fogs. If you want to uncover your truth and face your truth, then Sonya is the person to help you. Sonya has helped me peel back my layers to really find what was within. Feelings, needs, and wants that I was never aware existed. It was so startling to find. With each layer peeled, was like a doorway unlocked to my natural path. I noticed that everything in my life was starting to fall into place with my career and personal relationships. I feel a sense of renewal, not just from finding success, but also from just having a completely different perspective on life in general. I am incredibly grateful for Sonya's services."
Shelly Patterson
Social Worker

"In the short time I have met Sonya, I have experienced her strict morals and ethics combined with compassion, understanding and awareness that few coaches truly understand. Her skills and abilities are from her willingness to embrace and confront herself on a most pure level. She truly Walks Her Talk. Sonya has embraced herself on such a pure and deep level, one session with her and you will know!"
Andrew Blume
U.S. Veteran
San Diego, CA

“I had the privilege of meeting Sonya a few years ago. She has a very real and genuine desire to help people live in the fullness of their potential. She has a long list of professional accolades, but she also has years of experience helping people from all walks of life walk out their destiny. I have the privilege working alongside of her and I have grown from her approach and knowledge. I would recommend her life coaching to anyone.”
Erik Frederickson
Wheelhouse Coaching
San Diego, California

"Thank you, dear Sonya for this amazing opportunity! You are so positive and inspirational coach. You can really feel my soul and my higher calling, my passion and hidden talents. I love people who care about their clients! Thank You so much!"
Nada Rakovic

“A different coaching experience, Sonya is very genuine and authentic in helping people. She is very resourceful also.”
Ali Zakarya
Cairo, Egypt