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I am a certified Life Coach and Christian Counselor with a passion for helping others. I would love to support and guide you as you reach your goals and transform your life!
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Renata Murry
San Francisco Bay Area
United States

I’m a certified Life Coach located in the San Francisco Bay area but can assist you virtually from anywhere in the world. I am passionate about encouraging and empowering others to unlock their true potential and to help them overcome life’s difficulties. I have experienced many tough situations in my life but have overcome them all due to my strong spiritual beliefs and my faith in God. I have a special place in my heart for others experiencing adversities. For the past 6 years I have provided guidance, motivation and life strategies to help others along their journey to emotional freedom and to reach their life goals. I believe for every problem there is a solution and would love to have the opportunity to work with you to put an action plan in place for your life. I will be there to support you every step of the way as you take control of your life and accomplish your goals no matter how big or small and no matter the circumstances. I’m excited about your future!

Personal Growth and Development
Personal Empowerment
Spiritual Empowerment
Life and Relationship Coaching
Goal Achievement
Self Esteem and PTSD
Major Life Decision
Life Transformation
and More

Please contact for fees, sliding scale available.
Christian Counselor, Life Coach

Renata freely dispenses seeds of hope to all that till the soil and open up their gardens to receive much needed sunshine for their spirits. I am captivated by Renata because of her visibly empathic nature and her uncanny ability to touch our hearts and be right there with you. Because of her deep and resilient faith she is a living testimony to the transformative power that lay within each of us. For some, it can be easy to believe that we have lost our power as we often feel sapped of our energy and vitality. But the truth is there is something akin to a healing magma deep within each of us, welling up, gaining strength and waiting for each of us to claim and use it. There is not a single area within the log of daily activities that Renata does not review: work, play, love, finances, relationships, families, food, apartments, sleeping and all the perils and pitfalls we may face. She digs deep into solutions, excavating readily available resources for us to access. But what is so rare about Renata is that she is the embodiment of the servant leader. She can be found helping, guiding, sharing, giving and committing to others. And when you speak or listen to this soulful woman, you may find that her words, the cadence of her voice, her sincerity and genuineness, along with the solvent of her prayers, are all so achingly beautiful that they meld together into a healing balm for your deepest self. Can this woman help activate the transformation process in you? I have heard Renata retrieve, in a manner of speaking, the cold hard stones thrown at us, and which cause so much emotional, physical and spiritual pain to do something remarkable with it. She can reconstruct a particularly painful experience and reveal hidden gemstones buried inside. She will help sand away the outer, jagged surface of the road that you travelled, so that you see a smoother path open up ahead. A sense of optimism starts to emerge. Her conviction and encouragement are steadfast because she knows that, in nature, it is the pressure that transforms a piece of coal into a sparkling diamond. Renata has worked hard to transform the pressures in her life into a force for change and she freely shares with others how they too can reveal the magnificent, precious pearl residing within their own soul. Cultivating soil, planting seeds and polishing stones are servant leadership in action and, by virtue of her loving words and actions, Renata is helping prepare the ground for radical change in those she serves.

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