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I'm a Law of Attraction life coach. I'm also the host of a vibrant and fun LOA-related Party group on Facebook. Visit to join.
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Priya Khajuria
I work virtually with clients around the world

Unique benefits:
Become a private member of the only Law of Attraction party group on Facebook.
Easily release limiting beliefs and emotional blocks with Priya's signature and fun monthly program The Dragon Master Club, which uses her technique: VibeAlign.
Priya's articles have been featured in Vitality Magazine, Think Simple Now and TUT.

Life coaching
Create your life blueprint and move towards it, starting now
Increase your self-confidence
Increase your charisma
Learn to love yourself
Meet your ideal life partner
Create your ideal circle of friends and supporters
Boost your manifesting abilities

Range for all budgets, visit website for more details
International Association of Certified Coaches

"In the years I have known and been helped by Priya, I have not met her equal. I remain profoundly grateful not only for all the good she has brought to me and my health, but also to all the other people she has touched. Knowing she is out there doing her work is a source of huge joy and optimism -- the world is really a better place for her!" K.P.

"She has been the best mentor for me on a professional and spiritual basis but also offering a holistic approach to my health, body, spirit and mind that has enabled me to heal after a medical diagnosis several years ago.
She is clearly infused with wisdom and a positive energy that emanates from her person and soul.
I am very fortunate to have Priya in my life and I can only recommend her to all who seek mentorship, guidance, health and peace within their lives." RSR


"I find myself really looking forward to the night script so I can go to sleep with the positive thought!
While I didn't think I had a lot to clear on the money stuff, I must have, because I have been very nice to myself lately and I'm usually not!" MH

"I really like it - a nice easy, positive way to start and end the day." WJ

"(loved) the simplicity and how little time it took.
I felt calmer and more relaxed about money. I’ve tried the program with my own words about a variety of issues and it leaves me with a feeling of peace.
In little ways, here and there, I felt my perspective shift. The program appears simple, but works in powerful ways. As I went through the morning and evening routines I felt myself calm and change direction." JT