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L.P. Reid Coaching is a catalyst for living a more purposeful, bolder life.
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Laura Reid
United States

I’m a high achieving introvert with a passion for helping humans find their purpose, tutoring special needs children, looking up at trees, writing, belly laughs, Haiku, photography, floating in water and imperfect beauty.

Transformation after Loss (Grief Coaching)
Career coaching
Discovering your passion
getting unstuck
finding your courage and overcoming fear

Life Coach Training Institute Certification

Oh, my goodness. I hardly know where to start. Laura is the best Life Coach on the planet.

I was stuck in a rut, my life just was not happening. I was deep in the middle of my own little "pity party" when I stumbled upon Laura's website while wasting time on social media. As I read through her offerings and goals my eyes kept going back to her phrase "Remember how LP's used to get stuck, skip and keep repeating, over and over?" Well, for at least a year, maybe longer, my life kept getting stuck and repeating, over and over. So, because the first session was Complimentary, and I love Cat Stevens, and story telling, and photography, and writing, and HOSPICARE, I decided to see if she could be the nudge to my needle and get me to my next song! She did that, and more!

Trust (lack of) is a big issue with me so I was surprised and pleased to find that I had total trust in Laura. I knew right away that she was digging for ME and MY STORY with her gentle, probing questions. I also realized very quickly that she was sincerely interested in what I said, and found that her insightful questions stimulated my own thought processes. Because confidentiality was not an issue it was easy to be open and honest and vulnerable.

The time I spent with Laura at that first session was powerful, motivating, and life altering. She was excellent at helping me to focus on what I wanted to be doing the most and then helped me find ways to make that happen. The second session was equally productive in finding my "stuck" or "scared" spots and finding ways to dissolve both the anxiety and the fear .

Laura is insistent that anything is possible! She truly believes the unreal can be made real. That is what makes her such a special Life Coach . Her support and genuine joy at my success is a special blessing to me, everyday, as I work toward my dream life.

When I met with Laura, I was going through a profound professional change. Laura’s sensitivity and insight helped me re-frame my experience, grieve the loss of my former career, and move forward with courage. Laura has a singular way of making impossible things seem possible and dreams seems attainable.Laura is an inspiration, because she lives her beliefs and makes her own dreams come true-leaving behind her a trail of the beautiful work she has created. Her view of the world has many facets; teacher, artist, mother, savvy business woman, wife and friend. All of these lenses give Laura a unique ability to understand many people’s experiences and offer the perfect blend of compassion and encouragement. She creates a safe space for vulnerability, yet has the humor to lighten a heavy heart. Time with Laura is time very well spent!

Laura is a gift - an interpreter & salve to those of us with a tangled history, those of us who look for a clearer path, need to reframe obstacles, want to move from dreaming to doing. Laura is a fantastic coach, a fantastic human.

Laura is such a genuine person. Her laughter, enjoyment of life, and everything it offers, serves her well as she helps others find their “Groove.” I will forever be grateful that I took the plunge and made the phone call. She set my soul on fire.

Laura helped me reframe challenges from the past into present day here and now. The process helped me let go of what was old and no longer useful anymore so that I could embrace what I want to accomplish today. Her work is straight forward, direct and joyful. THANK YOU LAURA!

Laura was suggested to me during a time where I was at a loss what my options were and how to think about them. I am deeply glad to have worked with her. In speaking with her she was able to help me pick through all of the problems I was juggling, look past the immediate situation, and think about the things that bring my joy and happiness. With that framework identified I was able to stop being overwhelmed with shortsighted thinking; and not only focus on what I needed to do but what I really wanted to do.