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Coaches women ages 35-60 to help maximize their productivity and transform their lives in areas of life / relationships, careers / business, health & wellness and personal finance.
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Gail Kemeliotis
Santa Rosa Beach
United States
(844) 701-1440

I wasn’t always a coach. My first career was spent in the military helping thousands of people reach their career and personal goals. People were easily drawn to me, seeking personal / professional advice because they knew how much I cared about them and their success. I was known as a problem solver, the go-to when others had tried to help but failed. But after 28 years, I'd reached the pinnacle of my career. I’d reached the rank of Chief Master Sergeant, the top 1% of the entire enlisted force – there were no more promotions or assignments in my future. I started getting anxious and restless about a career change. One day during my 3-hour commute, it hit me: was I really wasting 3 hours a day – almost one month a year! – driving? And it wasn’t just the drive - I was making all the unhealthy stops at fast food restaurants you’d think would come with such driving. The stress, unhealthy eating habits and negative physical effects of being trapped in a car for so long every day started taking its toll on me. I kept thinking all those hours commuting were time I could have spent with my husband, our two daughters, our dogs. It was then I knew I wanted to leave the military to start my own company.
When friends asked what I’d miss most about the military, my answer was always, “the people.” Yes, I was most definitely going to remain in the “people business.” I considered consulting but decided I could give people answers as a consultant, or I could coach people in developing their own answers to their own problems. You know, teach a man to fish instead of just giving him one! 1440 Coaching was born!

- Life & Relationship Coaching (Interpersonal relationships, step-parenting / co-parenting, marriage, self-awareness)

- Health & Wellness Coaching (90-Day transformational programs, 14-Day cleanses, boot camps, corporate programs)

- Career & Business Coaching (career / military transition, entrepreneurship, organizational leadership, group dynamics, process improvement)

- Financial Coaching (Estate planning, budgeting, retirement, "Starting Over, Taking Over" programs for divorced / widowed women)

Certified Life & Health Coach, MBA (Entrepreneurship), Demonstrated Master Logistician (DML), Certified Professional Manager